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The KRAKEN platform is the newest darknet marketplace that specializes in the sale of prohibited substances and illegal services. The main products that can be found on the platform are narcotic drugs, weapons, medicines, documents, certificates from a psychiatrist or narcologist, and much more. All these goods can be bought by anyone, because transactions take place anonymously and the buyer and seller do not know anything about each other. It is worth saying that KRAKEN gained popularity immediately after its appearance, and why this happened is explained in the article.

Why was able to so quickly become a top darknet platform?

The main reason for the sharp jump in popularity of kraken5af44k24fwzohe6fvqfgxfsee4lgydb3ayzkfhlzqhuwlo33ad.onion is that this site is a continuation of the history of Hydra. This site at one time was the top among all darknet sites, but at some point it was banned, and all servers were blocked. This happened in mid-2022, and 6 months later the KRAKEN was born. He absorbed the best of Hydra, but at the same time added its own chips. Now stores data in a decentralized manner, which significantly increases resistance to blocking. Also, this platform transferred almost all services from the previous site, modified them and improved them, which also had a positive effect on the growth of site traffic.